Prague, a fairytale city where you can walk around in

In the list of most visited cities in Europe, Prague is in 5th place after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome. Prague is not only the most important city in Central Europe, it is also a fairytale where you can walk around in.
The city on the Vltava is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe … it is a large open-air museum.
The old city centre is full of Baroque buildings and Art Nouveau houses. There are so many old buildings together that the whole district is on the world heritage list of UNESCO. The city has kept its historical character so strong that in 1984 a lot of shots for the film Amadeus could be done on the streets in Prague.
For architecture lovers, this city also offers a huge selection of Gothic, Renaissance and Modernism buildings.
Many old buildings have been restored in all their glory. However, Prague is not a museum city: it is above all a lively, cozy city with an incredible romantic flair.

A visit to Prague usually starts at Prazsky Hrad, the Prague Castle

The most important attraction of the city. This fortified hill, towers high above the city, is one of the longest inhabited places in the city.
Anyone who has an interest in art and history can indulge himself in this historic neighbourhood.
There are also many cozy streets for the romantics among us.

Prague castle by night

From the Presidential Palace you walk through the castle past the St. Vitus Cathedral in a descent to the city and the Karluv Most, this bridge is the most famous building of the city and is over 500m long and is decorated with 30 life-size statues. Here you have a beautiful view of the castle and the river, the Vltava.

For most visitors to Prague this spectacular bridge forms one of the most memorable images of the city

At the end of the Karlov Most you walk into the real old part of town, Staré Město.

Tower Karlov Most
Gateway to the Old Town, Karlov Most

Through the narrow streets you walk to the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall and the Old Town Square, Staroměstské náměstí. Because of the many sights on the Old Town Square, it is often crowded here! It is a very lively area where you also find lots of restaurants and pubs. A good pub in this area is the Black Angel’s Bar, they serve very good cocktails.

Old Town Square
Týn Church, Old Town Square

Old Town Square
St. Nicolas Church, Old Town Square

Through the streets of the Old Town you walk to Wenceslas SquareHistory was often written on this square, for the last time in 1989, when the end of communism was celebrated here. Near the square you will also find many clothing stores, such as M&S, H&M, Zara,…

There are so many beautiful and interesting places in Prague that it is too much to describe… so I would say go explore this beautiful city for yourself it is worth it.


Whether you are in Prague for a weekend or are lucky enough to stay here for a few days… there is a wealth of things to see and to do.
Prague is above all a city to wander around in… let the city surprise and enchant you. And once you see the sunset over Prague, this city has stolen your heart…