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flower fabric

Florals …all year long

The trend of wearing florals isn’t anything new. Season after season and year after year new floral prints drop in and each time we fall for it! What is it about a floral print that every woman loves? It is hard to know. Part of the reason we love florals so much, is because they are versatile. Florals can make you feel sweet and feminine, but also you can style them to be bold and striking. 

leopard print

Leopard print …for those who don’t want plain

Every wardrobe needs a bit of leopard, it is timeless, versatile and very chic. Leopard print is one of those subjects that divides people, some think it is fun and glamorous, others think it is cheap and tasteless. I for one am absolutely in the first group …I love leopard.
This print will never go out of style, it is a must have that you can wear all year round. It is the perfect print that can dress an outfit in an instant.