Vintage inspired clothing… a unique style

While interest for authentic vintage clothes is growing, it can sometimes be very difficult to find original items from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. If you can find anything original, the size range of what is on offer is frequently limited.
In the last several years, thanks to the popularity of series like Mad Men, more and more people are experimenting with vintage (style) clothes.

Vintage clothes… a unique style

But looking for that one unique piece can take days or even weeks.
Here is where reproduction stores come in. In the last couple of years, many of these stores have popped up to reproduce clothing from the post-war period. If you are looking for that unique dress, top, blouse, skirt or trouser there are a lot of vintage inspired shops to choose from online. One such shop is King Louie.
King Louie is best known for their vintage style dresses, but on their website you will find an extensive ladies collection with blouses, vests, trousers, jackets, skirts, tops, jumpsuits, socks and tights. Here, every women finds an outfit for every occasion… from casual to the office and from a party to a wedding. Their designs have lovely prints, are full of colour and are very feminine. 


Here I am in two of my vintage style dresses…

vintage dress
vintage dress