The trench coat… a timeless classic

The trench coat is the coat that works with everything and you certainly cannot say that about every coat!
It is the coat that works for everybody and it is a style that suits everyone. It is the perfect classic coat that year after year comes out to play in Spring, cold summer days and autumn, as the ideal cover up.

Every wardrobe needs a trench coat

A trench coat is stylish, feminine, practical, comfortable, versatile, but most of all very sophisticated.
You can go for one in a classic neutral colour like beige or one in a bold and bright colour or even one with a print… the choice is yours.
It is the perfect coat to go with all sort of trousers, dresses or skirts. It is also a great investment piece that will be in style for years to come.

A trench coat will never go out of style

You can dress the coat down with a jeans, chunky knits and boots or sneakers. Or if you want to dress the trench up, you can go for a skinny jeans, high heels and a cute blouse.
It is one of my favorite coats… and I am starting a collection in it… I already have a black, green, red, beige and blue one… I know it is a bit decadent…

A brief history of the trench coat…

The trench coat started as an army officer’s raincoat (no other ranks were permitted to wear them) in World War I, to keep mud of their uniform in the trenches, hence the name of the coat.
In World War II the officers continued to wear the coats in bad weather.
After WO II the trench coat took on more glamorous associations after screen time with the most popular actors and actresses from the 1950’s and 60’s. Hollywood boosted the garment’s popularity… Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, Peter Sellers in Inspector Clouseau, Marlène Dietrich in A Foreign Affair and of course Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s… and the rest is fashion history.

Here are some beautiful ones you can buy right now. All you have to do is hover over and click the image.

trench beige
trench beige
trench flower


trench blue
trench blue
trench leopard


trench stripe
trench green
trench green


trench pink
trench red
trench terracota


trench black
trench yellow
trench yellow


Here I am in one of mine… it’s from Marks and Spencer, from last Spring collection. I find that the trench coats from Marks & Spencer are very good quality, have a very good fit and the price is very reasonable.

red trench