Florals …all year long

The trend of wearing florals isn’t anything new. Season after season and year after year new floral prints drop in and each time we fall for it! What is it about a floral print that every woman loves? It is hard to know. Part of the reason we love florals so much, is because they are versatile. Florals can make you feel sweet and feminine, but also you can style them to be bold and striking. 

Florals are forever in fashion!

You can wear a large floral print… wearing a large, bold floral print makes a statement, but make sure that you are not letting the print overpower you. A simple way to make sure that a bold print isn’t too much, is to break it up with a jacket or cardigan.
A small floral print can be a great way to wear floral in a more subtle way …it is more gentle and refined.
One of the best ways to bring the floral print into your closet is by the way of accessories. You can wear a fun floral shoe or a floral bag. It quickly adds a happy, feminine and playful touch to any outfit.
Also a good way to bring the floral print into your closet is just to wear one piece in a floral print. Try a floral skirt or top. Doing this allows you to bring in the pattern without getting overwhelmed by it. Floral patterns also mixes surprisingly good with other patterns, for example a classic stripe works fantastic with florals.

The possibilities with this print are really endless. Not to mention, when you wear florals you instantly feel happier. So you see don’t put a floral print away until the summer arrives… all you have to do, is to be a bit more creative…

Here are two of many flower prints I have in my closet. The dress is from Marks & Spencer and the blouse is from Dorothy Perkins, both from past spring collection.

dress flowers
blouse flowers