Accessories… update your outfit

Accessories are always a smart way to update your outfit. The great principle of accessories is simple: they are designed not only to pimp your outfit but also to spend your money. The shoe from last season is no longer in fashion. The heel is just that little bit different, the colour is ‘off’, the round tip should actually be a point.
He is, in short, hopelessly dated.

That happens to you much less with, a sweater or a dress: a black dress is a black dress, whether it comes from the sixties, the nineties or yesterday. It is the belt you wear on it that makes your silhouette contemporary or old-fashioned. That is good and bad news at the same time. The good news is that you do not have to throw your entire wardrobe outside to look ‘on trend’. You can continue to carry a wardrobe full of basic pieces, if you just adjust, for examples, the shoes. The bad news is that good accessories often cost a lot of money, and according to the theory only last one season. Big labels earn the most with their shoes and handbags, which are relatively more expensive than for example a dress. They are at the same time much more ‘disposable’ than the dress.

Of course there are exceptions: for example, a classic Chanel remains eternal.
But the trend pieces that give a season colour are those that can be stored after one season.
Having said this, continue to invest in accessories. Buy timeless pieces, but certainly also one impulse item per season.

 The right extras are like pepper and salt: they give personality, strength and colour to your outfit

Shop smart, mix expensive with cheap …

What is popular these days: a few tips… for the sales maybe…

The shoe: the slipper

The slipper – the word alone has a high princess content – it makes everything instantly more elegant. You can not run wild, or it flies from your feet. Some control is therefore crucial. Choose a flat slipper or one with a heel, both are in fashion and equally beautiful, and know this type of shoe fits with everything from jeans to an evening dress.

The glamour touch: rhinestones
Sandals Rhinestones

You do not have to wear chains, earrings or rings to shine. Your shoes or handbag will do that for you. Rhinestones are everywhere and you better jump on board right away, because this trend will stay for a long time.

The material: straw, reed, raffia
Straw Handbags

In the style of the Provencial vibe that hangs over our wardrobe this summer: lots of natural materials, muted colours and all things woven are the favourites these days.

The colour: white

Whether it is shoes, handbags, sunglasses or earrings: the most spotted colour for this season is white. It gives a kind of cool, avant-garde touch to your outfit. This colour fits with everything and looks a lot more mature than most summer pastels.

So ladies the summer sales are on… so grab yourself an on trend accessory