A blouse …not conservative, but cool!

If I can choose one favorite item in terms of fashion, it is definitely the blouse. I have them in several colours and with or without a pattern. A blouse is timeless, fits every outfit and is very feminine. A blouse is also the perfect item to wear throughout the year.

What definitely should not be missing in your closet is the all time favorite … the white blouse.

A white blouse is a classic, it is similar to the “little black dress”

It’s incredibly basic, but has endless combination possibilities. It is an item that never goes out of fashion.

Here are a few reasons to love a blouse:

  • fits every occasion
  • endless combination possibilitie
  • never goes out of fashion
  • easy to combine
  • effortlessly a beautiful look
  • can be worn by everyone

I wear a blouse preferably on a skinny jeans, with sneakers or boots and a leather jacket …trendy, comfy and casual. Combine your blouse and skinny jeans with pumps …and you’re ready for a night out.
Finish the look with a statement accessory, such as a necklace or earrings.


Here are some of my personal favorite blouses you can buy right now. All you have to do is hover over and click the image.

blouse lace French Connection



These are two blouses, of many, that I have in my closet, both from Steps. All you have to do is hover over and click the image.

blouse Steps
blouse Steps