A deeper meaning in jewellery… part 3 – form and presentation

Form and presentation: a personal message

Not only the materials used had a symbolic meaning. The shape and the representation of the jewel could also contain a message

In this way we recognize the cross as a symbol for Christianity. The anchor as a symbol of hope and fortitude and the key to access the family property.

Two right hands folded together, as well as certain knots and bows, must be regarded as a symbol for a close bond.

Flora and fauna are also used symbolically.

But the best know is the heart shape, symbol of love and friendship. The heart shape can occur in many ways. Such as a solitaire set gemstone cut into a heart shape, a medallion in the shape of a heart, a pin in heart shape through which an arrow goes,…

tribe men

A deeper meaning in jewellery… part 1 – the origan of jewels

Man is a strange creature. It is even the only individual who has a permanent tendency to make his appearance more and more attractive. An ideal tool for this is wearing jewellery. Sometimes they look enchantingly beautiful, but they only really come to life when someone wears them in the right way and at the right time.
The wearing of jewellery is of all times and people do it for various reasons; to please, to express their social status, to feel better, …