The make-up trend that flatters everyone

We never get enough of pink: the colour is trendy, feminine, easy to wear and just belongs in every make-up bag. Besides pink is a shade that flatters everyone. How is that? Every skin colour contains pink shades, mainly on the cheeks and lips, that’s why pink make-up gives you an extra flattering glow.

Make-up trend: from soft pink to flashy pink… what suits you best?

Are you not sure which shade of pink suits you best? Simple: a touch of pink in a natural shade gives a pale skin a warm and soft glow. A lightly tinted skin is very beautiful with a slightly more peachy pink. While dark skin is very beautiful with the flashy colours of pink.
But also dare to experiment… with pink you can not do anything wrong! In addition to your complexion, your outfit and personality are also important in the choice of your lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow and blush.

lipstick, nailpolish
blush, lipbalm, lipstick


Tip: finish off your make-up with pink highlighter powder, the shiny pinky shades catch the light and will give you a beautiful glow.