I’m Séverine, in love with fashion, travelling, vintage things, interior design, nail polish, a good gin & tonic and on the whole seeking life’s delights.
Journeying into my 40’s.

I try to perfect my own style, a style that doesn’t scream too young, too old fashioned or too frumpy. When I say “perfecting”, that actually means a lot of shopping (mostly online), returning clothes and then just buying what I like.

I am not a shopaholic, I’m helping the economy

I promised myself that I will stay stylish and keep my love for clothes regardless of dealing with the madness of 2 children and a full-time job as a childcare worker. My style reflects my personality & mood … as it supposed to be! I like (bold) colours, prints and sparkling statement pieces, most of the time with a touch of girliness (pink, florals, …). You’ll rarely find me in anything minimalist: I’m a firm believer of more is more and less is a boring camp.

I would love to hear from each and every one.

Séverine xxx