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March 2018

Prague castle

Prague, a fairytale city where you can walk around in

In the list of most visited cities in Europe, Prague is in 5th place after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome. Prague is not only the most important city in Central Europe, it is also a fairytale where you can walk around in.
The city on the Vltava is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe … it is a large open-air museum.
The old city centre is full of Baroque buildings and Art Nouveau houses. There are so many old buildings together that the whole district is on the world heritage list of UNESCO. The city has kept its historical character so strong that in 1984 a lot of shots for the film Amadeus could be done on the streets in Prague.
For architecture lovers, this city also offers a huge selection of Gothic, Renaissance and Modernism buildings.
Many old buildings have been restored in all their glory. However, Prague is not a museum city: it is above all a lively, cozy city with an incredible romantic flair.


A deeper meaning in jewellery… part 3 – form and presentation

Form and presentation: a personal message

Not only the materials used had a symbolic meaning. The shape and the representation of the jewel could also contain a message

In this way we recognize the cross as a symbol for Christianity. The anchor as a symbol of hope and fortitude and the key to access the family property.

Two right hands folded together, as well as certain knots and bows, must be regarded as a symbol for a close bond.

Flora and fauna are also used symbolically.

But the best know is the heart shape, symbol of love and friendship. The heart shape can occur in many ways. Such as a solitaire set gemstone cut into a heart shape, a medallion in the shape of a heart, a pin in heart shape through which an arrow goes,…