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February 2018

tribe men

A deeper meaning in jewellery… part 1 – the origan of jewels

Man is a strange creature. It is even the only individual who has a permanent tendency to make his appearance more and more attractive. An ideal tool for this is wearing jewellery. Sometimes they look enchantingly beautiful, but they only really come to life when someone wears them in the right way and at the right time.
The wearing of jewellery is of all times and people do it for various reasons; to please, to express their social status, to feel better, …

vintage dresses

Vintage inspired clothing… a unique style

While interest for authentic vintage clothes is growing, it can sometimes be very difficult to find original items from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. If you can find anything original, the size range of what is on offer is frequently limited.
In the last several years, thanks to the popularity of series like Mad Men, more and more people are experimenting with vintage (style) clothes.

flower fabric

Florals …all year long

The trend of wearing florals isn’t anything new. Season after season and year after year new floral prints drop in and each time we fall for it! What is it about a floral print that every woman loves? It is hard to know. Part of the reason we love florals so much, is because they are versatile. Florals can make you feel sweet and feminine, but also you can style them to be bold and striking.